For my B.A. thesis I cooperated with psychologist M. Sc. Thi Quynh-Nhu Tran: I designed, layouted and illustrated her paper “Racism in Germany – the correlation between perceived racism, attribution, intersectionality and mental health”. Furthermore, I revised the concept: The book connects specialized, scientific text, quotes from personal interviews, and images. The academic, factual side ensures credibility/reliability, while the emotional reports and illustrations demonstrate common situations and evoke empathy.

The topic requires sensitivity and handling that rises beyond the superficial. Hence finding a fitting visual language which represents these values for both the layout and illustrations was a challenge for me.

Medium: Book
Scope: 16 x 22 cm, 136 pages
Sections: 20 illustrations, 5 charts, 2 diagrams

Featured by Design made in Germany

“Racism is an essential part of everyday life of many people in Germany. Persons concerned report their daily experiences which range from insults and ostracism to trauma. However a large part of the population cannot understand the allegations, denies them or reacts in ignorance. The word “racism” is a taboo and rarely discussed; not only in everyday life, but also in science research.

Therefore this project focuses on the connection of psychological science and subjective experiences. What’s the interrelation between perceived racism and mental health? How can we as a society grow and face this issue? The illustrations visualize a thesis by psychologist Thi Quynh-Nhu Tran and very personal stories.”

“I don‘t feel welcome in my own home country.“
Fulfilling a stereotype.
Racial Profiling.
Out of the box. Escaping the stigma.
“My mental health suffers. Nobody can avoid being harmed in the long term, if you have repeatedly been told that your existence is wrong.“
“I feel a lot of pressure to perform because I am seen less often and I am given fewer opportunities. For my skills to be recognized, I have to be twice as good.”
“Sching Schang Schong.”