I was commissioned by Konfuzius Institut to illustrate their November 2020 issue „What does China think?“ on Chinese philosophy. I was really excited about the job, since the subject perfectly met my taste!

Medium: Magazine
Size: 18 x 24 cm
Scope: 4 spreads/full page illustrations, 8 spot illustrations, 4 comics

My main goal was to create images which reflect the complexity of the subject: The juxtaposition of traditions and the present, as well as the “Western” and the “Chinese“ way of thinking. Finally, the question arises whether the categorization of these levels is necessary at all.

AD: Jonas Borchers

Cover Story Opener. Different frames are positioned so that the viewer can look through them. The levels between the frames suggest the “Western” and the “Chinese“ way of thinking. Through the very vague spatial boundaries, everything merges into one another, so that a connectedness is created, boundaries are loosened, and one wonders if a categorization is necessary at all.
Information illustration on Chinese philosophy vocabulary.
Cover illustration. Readers discover different layers of philosophy within one person: Starting from a maze (as navigating inner thought processes can be quite challenging and deep), to a conversation/discussion of these thoughts (indicated by the two empty chairs), to – finally – its application in a modern city and the future.