Printed cover for The Globe &Mail

Online editorial illustration for The Globe and Mail: “Toronto Symphony Orchestra returns to the composition that put it on the global map“.

The article highlights a live recording of the intricate symphony “Turangalila”. The task was to create two illustrationa that showcase the challenge of capturing a massive, live sound in a digital and portable format.

The printed cover highlights the complexity of a grand composition: Conducting hands, representing the entire orchestra, lead numerous dramatic sound waves. A woman is completely immersed in these waves as she listens to the music.

Online feature illustration

For the second illustration, the online feature, I focused on the digitizing process and the concept of a live orchestra to live on past its performance: Conventional sheet music elements morph into circuit lines. The silhouettes of the cello and the listener mirror each other.

Thanks to AD Lauren Heintzman!

Final result on the Globe and Mail website