The Rice & Roots collective commissioned me for a visual identity: I created the online and print products for their Asian Diaspora Festival in Cologne.

The collaboration took place in close cooperation with the collective: the concept was slowly developed in several loops. The look of the festival including logo, typefaces, color palette and visual language was designed by me and applied by the festival team later.

Rice & Roots’ social media online presence across devices.

A big concern of the team was to find an abstract visual language that avoids specific symbols, but is still concise and recognizable: No country flags or bubble tea, but abstract symbolism with room for interpretation and a well-founded message at its core. My solution was an illustrated color gradient interspersed with white lines: These stand for connections, changes with a ripple effect, but also self-critical boundaries and limitations that need to be discussed during the event.

Thank you to the organizing team for your trust and fluid joint work process!

Here are some photos that showcase how the visual identity transfers to in-site products such as banners, community boards, and program information. Photos by Fadi Elias – In-Haus Media 2023